Transaction Concept

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A Transaction can be defined as an event which occurs on the database. Transaction reads a value from the database or writes a value to the database. There are few transaction concepts which are mentioned below:

  • A transaction must see a consistent database.
  • During transaction execution the database may be inconsistent
  • When the transaction is committed, the database must be consistent

A Transaction in DBMS must maintain ACID properties

  • Atomicity: ¬†executes all its actions in one step or not executes any actions at all 
  • Consistency: ensures that any transaction will bring the database from one valid state to another.
  • Isolation: ensures that the concurrent execution of transactions results in a system state that would be obtained if transactions were executed one after the other
  • Durability: ¬†ensures once a transaction commits, the system must guarantee that the result of its operations will never be lost, in spite of subsequent failures.

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