Ordered Indices

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In order to allow fast random access, an index structure may be used. A database indice is a data structure that improves the speed of data retrieval operations on a database table at the cost of additional writes and storage space to maintain the index data structure. A file may have several indices on different search keys. Indexes are used to quickly locate data without having to search every row in a database table every time a database table is accessed.

Ordered Indexing is of two types:

  • Dense Index
  • Sparse Index

Indexes can be created using one or more columns of a database table, providing the basis for both rapid random lookups and efficient access of ordered records. If the file containing the records is sequentially ordered, the index whose search key specifies the sequential order of the file is the primary index, or clustering index. Indices whose search key specifies an order different from the sequential order of the file are called the secondary indices, or no clustering indices.

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