Data Normalization

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Database Normalization is a multi-step process that puts data into tabular form by removing duplicated data from the relation tables. It is a technique of organizing the data in the database. Normalization is a systematic approach of decomposing tables to eliminate data redundancy and undesirable characteristics like Insertion, Update and Deletion Anamolies. Normalization is typically a refinement process after the initial exercise of identifying the data objects that should be in the database, identifying their relationships, and defining the tables required and the columns within each table. Normalization is used mainly for two purposes:  Eliminating redundant (useless) data and Ensuring data dependencies make sense i.e. data is logically stored.

Normalization rule are divided into following four normal forms:

  1. First Normal Form - no two Rows of data must contain repeating group of information
  2. Second Normal Form-  there must not be any partial dependency of any column on primary key
  3. Third Normal Form - every non-prime attribute of table must be dependent on primary key
  4. BCNF - A 3NF table which does not have multiple overlapping candidate keys is said to be in BCNF

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